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The right creators. The right price. Every time.

You know the checklist; creators must have the right audience, the right content, the right performance, for the right price. Good luck googling that. With Vamp, we flipped it, so the right creator comes to you. With simple briefing tools, robust aesthetic matching and zero negotiation required, you'll connect with the right applicants in under 2 hours, ready to create.

Content planner

See how far your budget can influence before you start.

Replaces: Tribe, Hypetap, The right fit


Define your brand aesthetic to find the perfect match.

Replaces: Moodboards, Creator Marketplaces, Search


Ask the right questions now, so it saves you time later.

Replaces: Typeform, Survey Monkey, Get feedback

“Vamp has been hugely beneficial to us in streamlining the management of end-to-end influencer campaigns.”

Eugenia Yeung, Reprise

Effortless collaboration

Manage one or one hundred creators with ease

An essential part of every campaign is keeping things moving and communicating any changes. Spreading the word across email chains, Slack, WhatsApp, or that other new app is inefficient at best; total chaos at worst. Update a deadline, brief requirements or revise content. Vamp has you covered, all from one hub.


DM your creators. Keeps all comms in one place.

Replaces: Messy email threads, Slack, WhatsApp, SMS


Know what's due, for review and done at a glance.

Replaces: Trello, Monday, Excel, Gantt charts


No more invoicing or sketchy money transfers.

Replaces: Xero, Word, Paypal, Western digital, bank transfers

“Smooth easy sailing.”

Kirsten Amour, Koala

Powerful Tracking

Bring all your content and numbers together

This is what all your efforts have been for, and there's no room for error. So put away the excel spreadsheet or asking for screenshots from your creators. That's how mistakes happen. On Vamp, every like, comment, share, view and more are tracked, counted and stored on your report automatically. Now all that's left is to take those insights into your next campaign.

Content manager

All your content stored, ready to repurpose.

Replaces: Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive


Analyse your performance with real metrics.

Replaces: HypeAuditor, Upfluence,


Create focused reports to share or easily find content.

Replaces: Folders, CSVs

“After working with Vamp, it’s easy to see why they’re regarded as the leading influencer and content marketing platform.”

Leigh Counsell, Sheridan

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