Why join the Vamp fam?

We are building the future of Influencer marketing globally right here in Australia! In just six years, we've grown to over seven offices globally, an invite-only network of 45,000+ creatives/influencers generating 100,000's of content with 10's millions of dollars running through our platform.

Deloitte has recognised us among the fastest-growing companies in Australia and all of Asia Pacific for four years running.

What is our mission?

We're building a single global platform to connect, create, manage, and report on your influencer campaigns for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok for Brands, Agencies, Influencers, and Talent Managers.

This is how we do it

This is a chance to make a massive impact as part of a small, agile team. You'll work with top-notch developers, designers, and leaders to do things you never thought possible. We're passionate about three things;

  • Creating the worlds best influencer platform for brands, influencers and talent managers
  • Creating personalised, engaging, excellent user-experiences
  • Creating a globally recognised Australian tech startup. Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie!

The team is small and lean, with each team member contributing to the success of the product. There are no middlemen or committees to deal with; execution is more important than anything.

We'll take you to the next level

We want to make sure you're successful from day one, taking you to the next level by;

  • Having a meaningful impact on the direction and future of the company while we are still small (~60 people). We're looking for thinkers and doers.
  • An awesome office in the heart of Sydney. Between Town Hall and Wynyard. (with flexible work – esp. during COVID).
  • Work closely with a deeply experienced and talented team to build the best product in our market.
  • See the meaningful impact of your work on over tens of thousands of actual users
  • (check out the customers that love us!)
  • Your shares (equity) in our company give you a real stake in your work.

Job description

As a Software Engineer at Vamp, you should:

  • Be a key architectural voice in designing and building a scalable frontend and backend for our multi-brand platform.
  • Balance rapid iteration speed with the overall stability, security and modularity of our system.
  • Work closely with stakeholders in product, design, marketing, creative and operations to develop the best Influencer infrastructure.
  • Mentor colleagues and contribute to championing development processes, guidelines and engineering practices for the team.
  • Bring your thoughts to solutions and ways to implement them both at an individual level and in teamwork.

Experience required

  • 2+ years in a similar role at other startups or software companies under your belt.
  • Recent and extensive full-stack experience building web products using Popular server-side frameworks such as Ruby on Rails or PHP/Laravel. SQL databases such as MS-SQL, MySql, or PostgreSQL,  Some knowledge on server administration RESTful APIs
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Experience with building reusable components across multiple applications and code bases.
  • You'll also find it easier to get your hands dirty if you have worked with these before; Elixir / Phoenix, GraphQL / JSON APIs, PostgreSQL, AWS / Heroku / Netlify, 3rd-party API integrations (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twilio, TDD or Functional programming paradigms.

Our team culture

It's essential that our team culture fits you - and provides a ground for growth, challenge, and satisfaction.

  • Do you take ownership of the team's work even though you were not involved in its initial creation?
  • Do you welcome changes without getting defensive of the time and effort already spent on a piece of work?
  • Do you continually look at the current team processes and see ways to improve them?
  • Are you looking for a place where you can learn and develop your professional skills?
  • Are you seeking somewhere you can bring your whole self to work?

If you answer 'yes' to these questions, then we'd be thrilled to meet you.

How to apply

Show us what you’ve got and apply now. We are excited to grow our team and to have you in it as part of our exciting journey.

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