When ideas align

The values we share at Vamp, inspire the work we share with everyone.

Don’t drop the C-bomb

We never lose focus on our customers, creators, collaboration and community.

Empowered to influence

We ensure Vampers have the freedom to explore their passions and shape the future of Vamp.

Amplify creativity

We elevate creativity and amplify those who inspire.

Make it Count #ALLin

There is no support like Vamper support. We prioritise team success over personal gain.

“The Vamp Values are a perfect example of how to create a shared language and culture. They help us clarify our mission and growth goals. As we grow, the Vamp Values will help keep us on track and scale gracefully.”

Bianca, Employee Experience Manager

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Vamp life balance

There’s life at work and life outside of work. We want everyone to be healthy, take holidays, get time to give back, and have the financial resources and support they need to do their best work.

Be an owner

We have an equity plan for our Vampers, because when we say we are #allin, we mean it.


We're global

We have global HQ's and are remote-friendly.


Earn your worth

We offer competitive salaries to come work for us and be rewarded.


We're not 9 to 5

We offer a flexible working culture with different options available, so you can do your best work.


Leave so you stay

You're provided with annual, wellness and parental leave. Your physical health, mental health and life milestones are important to us.


Work & Play

We value RL face-time over screen-time with monthly social events to grow as a team.


“We have a very balanced number of male and female developers in the team. It's extremely rare and makes me feel I'm not alone, I can always get support.”

Aili Zhang, Software Engineer

Open roles

We're hiring world-class people to take us to the next level.



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