June 4, 2021

Using sustainable messaging to drive traffic

By Maddison Johnston

86% of customers now expect businesses to play their part in solving big challenges, like climate change.

We’re all becoming more conscious consumers and Gen Z seems to be leading the charge. 62% of them now say they would prefer to buy from sustainable brands.

Businesses are responding to changes in shoppers’ psyches in their marketing campaigns. Of course, brands should avoid virtual signalling, but aligning with sustainability gives them a chance to not only spread a positive message but tap into this growing interest. Particularly on social media where there is huge appetite for this kind of content.

“One scroll on TikTok and you’ll find tips on how to transform a bedsheet into a prairie dress, followed by a lesson on the water shortage caused by denim production” writes Refinery29.

One brand who could authentically weave sustainably into their marketing message was UK brand Dylon. They encouraged customers to use their products – fabric dye – to breathe new life into pre-loved items. Rather than throwing away or buying something new.

To spread this message the brand turned to Vamp for a scalable influencer marketing campaign that delivered an engagement rate 24.3x higher than the platform benchmark and thousands of low-cost clicks.


Dylon focused on two goals for this campaign. They wanted to create impactful social content that would not only help drive mass awareness, but also website traffic with the intent to buy.


Vamp engaged a diverse group of influencers including parents, fashion bloggers, cos-play artists, interior designers and creators. All with a strong sustainability focus. They were briefed to create content that showed how Dylon Dyes can be used as a cost-effective and sustainable way to refresh tired items.

Phase 1  

These 35 creators shared organic Instagram Reels, posts and Stories to drive awareness around the products. Creating content for multiple features in the app gave them multiple opportunities to catch their audience’s attention, while providing the client with a range of assets. Their content highlighted the dyeing process and the results by using before and after imagery.

Phase 2

The paid media strategy was split into two phases, which amplified the influencer’s posts that were already performing well organically. Through social ads, Dylon’s target audience – and customers with an interest in fashion and sustainability – could be targeted. The first phase drove mass awareness and achieved over 5.7M impressions. The second phase focused on driving website traffic, resulting in over 5.7k link clicks.


  • Managed campaign
  • Influencer marketing
  • Boosting


  • 58k organic engagements
  • 17% overall boosting engagement rate
  • 8.8k+ overall website clicks

Dylon Dyes focused their key messaging around sustainability, knowing that almost half of UK consumers seek more eco-friendly products. And their diverse group of influencers were able to spread brand awareness to an extensive pool of target customers. After these were combined with the power of paid media targeting, Vamp could reach and engage a large portion of the brand’s customer base, resulting in an engagement rate 24.3x higher than the platform benchmark and almost 9k website clicks.

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