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Running influencer marketing is especially challenging when trying to find the right creator. You can search online, post on job boards, comb through marketplaces or approach talent agencies, but these only lead to disappointment. You have no way to verify their audience, you don't know if you're overpaying, and after all that, they're unavailable.

But when you're on Vamp, you'll only see creators who have high-quality and high-performing content, who only want to work with you, and they've already agreed to your budget, all in under 2 hours from sending your brief.

Built to empower individuals and teams

"Working with Vamp enables us to take our brand and tools to the masses, through their peers."

- Tully Burne, Adobe

"Vamp is fantastic in driving consumers in-store through engaging, influencer-led social content. "

- Sarah Maher, Estée Lauder

"The interactions from our Vamp campaign influenced purchasing behaviour resulting in direct sales. A win win!"

- Chantal Jesson, Williams Sonoma

"I’ve always found Vamp as the best of these platforms by a long shot"

- @millergrey, creator

“The best influencer marketing platform”

- @tintofmint, creator

"Vamp is amazing at connecting the right brand with the right creator!"

- @lucianaterroni, creator

One window to rule them all

Our mission is to make the complex simple. What once felt like putting a human on Mars is easy as 1 + 1. One single app to run your entire influencer campaigns end-to-end.

It's only one tool to learn. One place to check your progress. One place to host your digital assets and reports. It's about time.

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